Breed History

The White Dexter breed is a full upgrade of the original Dexter breed. The upgrade began in 1999 when a registered White Park bull was bred to ten registered black Dexter cows. From that date forward, the offspring of each year were then bred back to only registered, purebred Dexters. By always breeding back to registered Dexters, with selection based on color and traits that would further the quality of the breed, the result is an upgrade that is both visually appealing and verifiably Dexter.

Scientific upgrades, recognized by most breed associations, are considered complete after six generations making the resulting cattle 31/32 of the original breed; most of our White Dexters are at eight generations after the original White Park cross. The integrity of the pedigree is the cornerstone of our breed and allows us to verify the Dexter heritage of every one of our cattle.

White Dexters Today

The breed registry has grown by over 1000% since introduced to the public in 2014 and now spans coast to coast in 36 different states. The polled gene was introduced by breeding a multi-generation White bull to registered, polled Dexter cows resulting in even more versatile bloodlines to choose from. The breed now offers horned, polled, carrier, non-carrier, red-tipped and black-tipped options to satisfy the most discerning breeder.

This is not an association and there are no membership fees! We strive to keep things simple, accurate and economical. Testing is optional at the owner’s discretion or buyer’s request; it is not required in order to register. Owning these cattle should be a joy and we have purposely developed a registry that is both user-friendly yet detailed to ensure the integrity of the breed.

young girl with calf
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