White Dexter Pattern Testing

Texas A&M Animal Genetics lab has developed the White Dexter Pattern test and it can be ordered only through them.  Fortunately, they also have all other testing for Dexters available so you will be able to order all tests you prefer from one location, with one sample submission of tail hair.

There are two steps to the process of submission for testing.  You will need to fill out the testing form which shows each animal you are submitting tail hairs for, and which tests you want done on each submission.  This is a form you can fill out online on a computer, not your phone.  Then you will complete the payment online on the Texas A&M website and will be given an order number that you will put on the form.  The form and tail hairs will be sent to the lab.  You can also send a check with the form and hair if you are not comfortable paying online.

Testing Links

Test form to be filled out with a computer (not your phone).

Payment at Texas A&M Genetics Lab.

Further instructions for the use of both of these are found below.


Test Form Instructions

We will try to explain here most of what you will need to know to complete the forms and payment process for your testing.  Some of you already use Texas A&M for your testing and know exactly how to process these.  For the rest of us, this will be new and somewhat confusing at first.  We hope this helps!  Once you’ve clicked on the form link, these are the pages you will see (one cover page and two form pages).

Test Form Cover Page

The cover page lists the tests available and costs of each.  You will see the White Dexter Pattern test on the far right of the chart.

Cover Page includes a link to Payment site

The cover page includes a link to the payment page.  You will need the Order Number from your payment to record on the next page.

Page One

The order form can be filled out on your computer by clicking in each section to type out the information necessary.  This will not work on your phone!  Complete your contact information, the way in which you would like the results sent to you, then start listing the animals for which you are sending in hair samples and check the box of each test to be run on each animal.

Page One Payment Verification

At the bottom of page one you will find the space to enter the Order Number you are given once payment online has been made.  If you choose to send a check, enter the check number here.

Page Two

On Page Two, enter the SAME animals as the previous page (in the same order) and complete the information requested.  Also check the same test boxes as you indicated on the first page.

Payment Instructions

Once you have filled out the form, print it out.  At the bottom of page one, you can write the order number in by hand once you complete the online payment or write a check and record the check number.  To process an online payment, go to the payment page for Texas A&M.

Payment Webpage


This is the starting point on the payment page.  You will click the dropdown menu to see all options.  The first option of “All Tests” does NOT include the White Dexter Pattern test; please do not use that option.  The WDP test is the last on the list at the bottom.

Select Test from Dropdown Menu

Once a test is selected, you will fill out the lines below it with the asterisks * for each test and click submit.

Test Selected and Price Displayed

Once the test is selected, you will fill out the lines below and hit Add to Cart.  This process will have to be repeated for EACH test on EACH animal.

For example, if you have checked on the form for one animal to get the White Dexter Pattern, Polled and PHA tests, you will have to select WDP, fill out the lines and hit Add to Cart.  Then go back to shopping and select Polled, fill out the lines and hit Add to Cart.  Then continue shopping and select PHA, fill out the lines and Add to Cart.  Use the bundles as you can.  This process is long and cumbersome, and they are working to improve it.

Record Payment Number

Once you have completed the payment, remember to go back to the bottom of page one on your form, and record the payment number you were given.

Remember, you can skip the online payment and write a check and record the check number in this space also.  Testing will NOT be done unless payment is sent.

Mail Samples and Form

Once you have completed the forms and secured payment, mail the form and hair samples in individual bags, CLEARLY MARKED, to the address listed on the form:


Texas A&M University

Animal Genetics Lab, CVM, VIBS

VBEC Receiving-VICI Rm 126

4458 TAMU

College Station, TX 77843-4458


If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected].

A huge thank you goes to the scientists at Texas A&M for the development of this testing.  Please be prepared for an influx of testing at the beginning and possible long wait times for results.  We will update this page with any new information, if necessary, as we receive it.

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